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Mickael Miro

mickael miro


Mickael Miro instinctively writes songs like you would put a tiny red dot on your heart just not to forget …

This young songwriter, coming from Lyon (France), has always been swimming in the romantic oceans of the nineties to find his own style. Mainly influenced by artists like Jean Jacques Goldman, Michel Berger, Elton John or Sting, Mickael sings each of his love stories with all the sincerity his voice can give …

Listen and you might not forget …

After 2 years working with his own team on the songs of what we will call one day „His first album“, and performing every week in front of a 2 or 10 or 100 or 2000 people audience, mickael is now ready to share his baby with others professionals of the music industry. Record companies and Publishers, may I have your attention: This artist in still free as a bird …

Song for the „Mitfahrgelegenheit“-Soundtrack:

Mon amour de dictateur (Listen on MySpace)


Best Roadtrip:

„My best road trip souvenir is easy to remember! It was in Thailand, 5 years ago with my brother and my best friend … One plane ticket on the left hand, one map on the other, and an enormous bag on my back. 3 weeks … 3 weeks during which I had to take some special pills to be protected against Malaryia. You now that kind of pills that have been withdrawn from the medical market recently because they had a very strange effect on humans (nightmares, hallucinations …)

Well all my trip in this amazing country has been spiced by the feeling that giants spiders where always chasing me and that I could speak Thai fluently …


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