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The Filmtrip Project

Filmtrip is an interactive live movie production. By the website, the diary of the director, the videocast and the audio-podcast all steps are published already during the production. The viewers have the chance to follow a roadtrip from Germany to Spain. They can interact with the crew, decide about the story and discuss online. The script is made for improvisation within the trip. New situations and incidents will be included in the plot and can influence the development of the characters. Our viewers get part of the production.

Early Trailer


Genre: Roadtrip
Type: Feature Film
Runtime: 90 min
Format: HDV
Aspect Ratio: 1,85:1
Filming Locations: Karlsruhe (Germany), Lyon (France), Gandia (Spain)

The authenticity of the plot will also be the main point of the production itself. The journey made by the characters is the journey of the complete filmcrew, too. The team will go on this trip and shoot the scences of the route chronologically. The movie is made for spontanous vagaries and improvisation. In this production the viewer should get the feeling of joining the actors on the trip. The camera is something like the third person on their trip. The main actors are Matthias Dietrich – a famous German actor from „Verliebt in Berlin“ and Martin Kaps, a promising talent.


With the working title „Mitfahrgelegenheit“ young filmmakers will tell a sensitive and humorous story about the development of two mid-twenty guys on their way to becoming adults. Frank is well-organised, due to a wealthy social background he can study without concerning about money and will get a secure job in the company of his father. But only one week changes his life. Within this week he meets his first real love. But suddenly the Spain Erasmus student, Mercedes disappeares without any words. The only thing she leaves next to his bed is an address in Lyon, France. Without thinking about the consequences he packs his stuff and hitchikes a car. The driver Tom seems to be on an arcane mission. Two guys with a completely different character and view of the world, together in one car on a trip to an unknown destination. Tom is a simple man who enjoys the bright side of life and doesn’t worry about anything. Together they learn the meaning of friendship and for the first time they take responsibility about their own life.


„Mitfahrgelegenheit“ (working title) is a production of the company imgmedien in association with Bewegende Bilder e.V. Having the experience of producing shortfilms, imagefilms, trailers for cinema and a lot of online projects, the media students of the team finish their studies with this production at their university, Hochschule Mittweida (FH).


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Startnext ist eine Plattform zur Projektfinanzierung für Filmemacher, Musiker, Veranstalter, Erfinder, Autoren und Journalisten


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